Real-Time Smart Contract Protection

The first decentralized firewall for ICOs, DEXs, and other financial DApps

The SafeBlocks Firewall protects smart contracts from value attacks and unauthorized transactions

Real-Time Value Protection

SafeBlocks Firewall provides an extra layer against advanced attacks for the best smart contract protection available. Security solutions are currently related to programming errors and common vulnerabilities. Without real-time transaction validation, your smart contract is still at risk from hidden code vulnerabilities, stolen private keys, and numerous other threats.

Easy Integration And Administration

Our management console is built for easy installation and administration. SafeBlocks Firewall helps you take advantage of advanced security features without complex coding overhead. Create security policy rules based on your business logic, and stay in complete control of your smart contract transactions thanks to an intuitive web-interface.


Enjoy the freedom to create the policies you need. As smart contracts become more advanced, transaction traffic security will require increasingly elegant solutions. SafeBlocks Firewall provides a powerful web-interface that lets you customize security policy rules and limits, boosting your ability to protect against value attacks.

How it Works

Reduce your risk of value attacks in just 4 steps:

Add our secured validation template

Upload your smart contract to the management console

Create your security policy

Deploy your smart contract to the blockchain

Now your smart contract is secured!

Security Policy Management And Validation

Manage your security policy via SafeBlocks Firewall management console

SafeBlocks Firewall responds (Approve or Deny) to your secured smart contract

Your secured smart contract sends a request to SafeBlocks Firewall

Use the SafeBlocks Management Console

to build and manage dynamic security policies in real-time. Create and change rules and limits based on your business logic, and track your DApp transaction traffic easily.

The SafeBlocks Firewall Beta version is only compatible to the Ethereum blockchain and is running LIVE on Rinkeby.

Use Case Examples

Use Case 1‚Äč

Set withdrawal transaction limits to a specific address
to 100 GNO (ERC-20) tokens per transaction.

Use Case 2

Define a minimum withdrawal interval of 30 seconds
to any destination address and/or a withdrawal
interval of 3 hours to the same destination address.


SafeBlocks Firewall is currently live on Rinkby.
Our pricing models will be updated shortly once the beta release goes live on Mainnet.

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Coming Soon

SafeBlocks Firewall was created to meet the needs of financial corporations that rely on secure smart contracts to succeed, so we keep adding innovative features to improve the experience of our customers. Here are a few things we plan to introduce in our next release:

Support for all Ethereum Test Networks

Advanced user management with improved permission options

Developer-friendly API integration


SafeBlocks Firewall

More advanced security policies

Reputation-based security rules

Protection against known vulnerabilities

And more...


SafeBlocks View

Monitor smart contract transaction traffic and set customized alerts.


SafeBlocks Control

Optimize smart contract transactions fees through advanced configurations.

We are also working to add support for

About Us

“Security is all about control.
Either you are in control or you’re not”

Ron Greenbaum, SafeBlocks Co-founder & CEO

DApp security is receiving more attention, much as in the early days of web applications. Smart contracts programmers already consider basic steps in the software development life cycle (SDLC), like mapping of security requirements and reviews of security design. In the development and test phases, programmers rely upon static and dynamic analysis to provide necessary security. For DApps, this is managed through the use of auditing services and automated auditing tools. However, unlike web applications, DApps currently face a security vacuum in the deployment and maintenance phase.

Web applications protect against vulnerabilities during deployment and maintenance using web application security (WAF). Our team noticed a lack of similar solution for DApps, and developed a firewall that acts as a security layer. You can now build your DApp, and rely upon SafeBlocks Firewall to validate transactions based on the security policy you specify, thereby reducing potential risks.

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